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12 Dishes Drunk Bristolians Love


We’ve all been there, that extra tequila shot has sent you into a tailspin and you’ve got to get something inside you ASAP to soak up the excess. Perhaps you managed to stumble home, woken up with a tongue like a toilet brush know you need carbs immediately. Perhaps you went so far it’s all you can do to get something delivered to your front door and return to the safety of your bed. Whatever damage you did to yourself, Natalie at Stuffed 265 has covered the best places to make you feel a wee bit human again.

Now put the damn drink down and go to bed.


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Some people will tell you a drunken night out is not complete without a visit to the Grecian. You only have to whisper the name amongst locals and you’re met with a chorus of ‘best kebab in Bristol’, although they serve a pretty mean pizza as well. The menu has plenty of options for drunken you – there are 24 freakin’ items just in the pizza section plus, it’s CHEAP! Most dishes are a fiver or under (a filthy lamb doner kebab with chips will set you back just £5.50), so take that screwed up note out of your pocket and you’re onto a winner. This is great for if you have been out on Gloucester Road, as it’s by the Arches.

A romantic meal for two x

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Further down in Stokes Croft is where you will find Ritas. OK, so you wouldn’t pop in during sober daylight hours and grab a bite, but that’s not the point is it, intoxicated you will love it! Form an orderly queue with the other steaming folk propped against the counter or singing in the corner whilst you wait for your kebab. Portions are big here and the service is always quick, so if you do feel the urge for a snack attack in the early hours then luckily you don’t have to stumble too far for dirty food joy.

Quidley's cheesy chips & gravy can't go wrong after a night out

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This list wouldn’t be complete without Quigleys. Based smack bang in the centre (next to the Hippodrome), it’s in the perfect spot for if you have been partying pretty much anywhere central. Choose from fried or peri-peri chicken, plus the usual menu suspects, however, we suggest you opt for their chips – smothered in cheese and gravy and then perhaps pop next door for a pizza in Pizza Palace – where the pizzas come out on a conveyor belt and you need to listen out for yours, a fun game of drunken bingo.

Yoyo Burger  on the triangle and is open until 5am. This unique burger joint has been feeding the hungry (and drunk) people of Bristol for 9 years strong. There is a funky sit down area for those who don’t want to go home yet, or for the lucky ones who have managed to pull (how romantic). The menu is something to behold with plenty of options and some unusual meats you may not have tried before (ostrich and Japanese wagyu beef to name a few). But we like the sound of the stacked up burgers, the ‘Double Cow’ is a ground beef patty with pulled beef brisket, emmental cheese, garlic mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, whilst the ‘Crispy Stack’ is a fried chicken breast with bacon, cheese, hash browns, onion rings and more garlic mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.

In the same neck of the woods as YoYo is Taka Taka; a Greek grill with  the infamous Magic Roll under one roof. The large wraps from Magic Roll are not for the faint hearted, but are sure to be a stomach-pleaser after a heavy night on the sauce – it has even been said that they banish hangovers the next day, but you’d need to try that one for yourself. Make your own wrap with a selection of fillings, salads and sauces or choose from one of their best sellers and enjoy the messy goodness.

If you are not on deaths door and are able to leave the house the next morning…

So you are awake. You’ve managed to brush your teeth. Now you need food and lots of it. Head to North Street where The Old Bookshop serves an absolute banger of a full English breakfast as part of their brunch menu. Gone are those horrible moments when your plate arrives and you know the portion isn’t going to be big enough, there’s none of that here. The fry up consists of bacon, sausage, two eggs, greens, potato hash (thank god for carbs), baked beans and a slab of thick toast; the whole dish is a saviour in itself. If you’re feeling brave, you can also wash it down with a beautiful Bloody Mary, courtesy of Psychopomp – because sometimes hair of the dog is the only cure.

The Hobgoblin is the mecca for a filthy hangover feed and Bristol should forever be grateful that this haven on Gloucester Road is here for all of us when we need it. The burgers are big and bad, with a lot of choice and some killer combinations. Rest assured you shouldn’t plan anything else for the rest of your hangover because after you have eaten here all you will want to do is lie down. It goes without saying that you cannot visit The Hob without ordering their dirty, dirty fries. If you think you have experienced dirty, write it off and start again, because these are next level. Seasoned fries with smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, 8 spices, melted blue cheese, cheddar cheese and coriander mayonnaise – it’s pure filth and a meal in itself.


If you haven’t tried Oowee Diner yet, firstly, where have you been?! Secondly, oh BOY are you in for a TREAT. This little diner in Montpelier has taken the city by storm and it is not difficult to see why. It’s a burger institution and the perfect accompaniment for when you are drowning your sorrows in a hungover state. Think big, juicy and cheesy. The Double C is a firm favourite of ours; the soft bun encases two perfectly cooked beef patties with burger relish, gherkins and smothered in as much cheese as you could possibly want. Heaven. The sides are stand out winners all on their own, with a variety of fries coming with lots of different toppings. The Cluckin’ fries are particularly outrageous, topped with strips of fried chicken, gravy and cheese. Does life get much better than wallowing on the sofa and eating as much as humanly possible? We think not.

Some of us don’t want burgers though (who are you people?) we want slices instead. In that case, the gang on Gloucester Road’s Pizzarova have got your backs. Simple but delicious, these pizzas are baked in a stone oven ensuring a thin and crispy base, so the flavours from the toppings take centre stage. A nice thick crust for dipping and mopping always helps too. The best thing about Pizzarova is that you can create your own from their range of ingredients, so however your hangover has made you feel, you don’t have to compromise on your pizza.

It wouldn’t be a list of great hangover feeds if we didn’t mention the gods at Burger Theory. They can be found in their new restaurant on Baldwin Street and the menu is something to behold, with lots of fantastic and out-there burger combinations. We can’t mention Burger Theory without bigging up ‘The Prarie Girl’ burger, which has been claimed one of the best fried chicken offerings in Bristol. It’s made up of a big ole’ southern fried chicken breast with franks hot sauce and cool blue cheese dressing (however you can change up the sauce combination should you wish too). It’s crispy, juicy and downright delicious. ‘The Don’ burger is a thing of creative beauty – beef, garlic, oregano and chilli patty with crispy bacon, pepperoni, pizza sauce, melted mozzarella and rocket. It basically merges your pizza and burger dreams all into one! They also offer kimchi fries, Korean fried chicken with sticky chilli sauce and pulled duck mac and cheese, so don’t be shy, you have to go all out and make a proper meal of it.


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