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Awesome pics & vids from the tech cluster June 2018

There’s always a lot going on in and around bristol’s tech scene, and it’s not all work work work or raising investment. We’ve had a look at some of the coolest things to happen in June on Insta so you can check out why Bristol’s such a great place to work.

The Bristol VR Lab is a new coworking and experimentation space created by the founders of Opposable Games and the VR World Congress. Great for VR, AR, MR enthusiasts, they also make pretty cool videos

Yogscast is the YouTube sensation that spawned a media company. Makers of great content, huge charity fundraisers and players of poker in silly outfits.

Rocketmakers is a bath based software developer that can’t stop expanding. They’re super active in the community and we were all delighted when they won the innovation award at the Creative Bath Awards.

Ultrahaptics are the super cool haptic technology company that makes mid-air user interfaces that you can actually feel. They just won the Best Place to Work award at the SPARKies and they often jet off to fun places like the Augmented World Expo 2018

Everybody knows Aardman, one of their latest projects is Memories Retold involves Elijah Wood and a unique art style. Which is the sort of impossibly cool thing we expect from them, really.

The TechSPARK team went to the SETsquared Summer Expo and took some photos. Which is handy because memories were somewhat hard to come by the next day.

Of Course, it’s the SPARKies! Organised by the TechSPARK team, hosted by the award-winning Jayde Adams and attended by 400 of the best and brightest of the tech industry.

More lovely SPARKies attendees out in the Immersive Labs Tech Terrace.

And yet more from the SPARKies. We thought we’d end on a silly one.