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Gaming and VR 

With everything from indie game developers and VR tech start-ups, to world-famous names like Aardman and the BBC, the Bristol and Bath region offers boundless opportunities for a wannabe gamer or VR specialist.

With an active community of creatives looking to push what can be done with gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) tech, there is a growing number of firms here keen to employ people who want to explore what can be done with these kinds of interactive and immersive experiences.

The gaming and immersion tech resources and infrastructure in the South West region make it a very attractive place to be. There’s the world-class £5m CAMERA motion capture studio at Bath University ready for hire; the Bristol Games Hub – where independent game creators can share office space and ideas; the Bristol VR lab – a newly opened hub for VR start-ups; and the yearly VR World Congress event – where last year over 1,000 VR enthusiasts descended on Bristol to share in the latest in VR tech advances.

It’s not just media and gaming companies interested in VR in the region either; companies like Airbus and BMT Reality Studios are embracing its power to visualise design or provide emergency training scenarios. There are also start-ups like Interactive Scientific exploring the use of VR for educational purposes, letting children interact with large virtual molecules, but also using the research to help university researchers model drug interactions to help find new medicines.

So, if you are interested in developing games, VR, AR or MR, then the South West is ready to make developing alternative realities a reality for you!

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