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Getting to know: Vikki Hamilton

Staff Insight at YellowDog

We couldn’t do what we do at YellowDog without our amazing people – so why not get to know them better? Here’s a quick Q&A with YellowDog’s very own Vikki Hamilton.

What is your job title here at YellowDog, and what does that mean?

I’m Head of Sales for Rendering, here to focus on the animation and visual effects rendering market. I hope to establish YellowDog in key studios around the world and raise awareness of what we can deliver for them.

When did you join YellowDog, and why?

They approached me back in May 2018 and I could see immediately what an exciting company YellowDog is with an amazing group of people behind it. I thought I’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity to get involved with the team. I could also see a big hole in the market which I honestly believe YellowDog is addressing and I want to be a part of this. Our aim is to simplify the offering of cloud rendering, and hopefully through the relationships I have built up over my years at The Foundry, Solid Angle and Autodesk we can start to show the industry what they have been missing.

What does your ‘average’ day look like?

A nice lie in if I had my own way! This is a difficult one really, as each day and each week can be wildly varied. I may arrange a full day of studio visits in London and use the time between meetings in coffee shops to catch up on emails and projects. The rest of the week, I will be replying to customer enquiries from my office at home which I’m pleased to say is a little calmer than the bustle of the city.

What is it about YellowDog that you think is unique?

I’m still developing a deeper knowledge of all of YellowDog’s technology, but it is obvious that YellowDog has an excellent support and service network that is dedicated to rendering. YellowDog is a young, growing, and friendly customer facing software company that is in touch with their market and truly understand the problems faced by visual effects studios. It is nice to be part of a smaller team again and be able to quickly adapt the product in response to customer feedback.

What is the office atmosphere like, and how does it compare to previous places you have worked?

It reminds me of Foundry in the early days. It is a dynamic but personal environment that allows people to fly and fulfil their potential.

How do you split your time between the office / elsewhere?

I don’t generally go to the Bristol office unless I have meetings, and it’s liberating not to feel under any pressure to go to the office unless we need to get together to figure something out as a team. At the moment, I spend 90% of my time in London, working from home, or at events.

What would you say to someone who was considering YellowDog as a partner/employer?

We are young and going places! It’s a company full of truly dedicated, clever people and we are working in an exciting fast paced industry, so if you have an opportunity to find out more, take a jump